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about myself
'nuff details

well, i guess this is my homepage... there's not all that much to tell about myself and anyway you can find lots of info indexed on google or in some other places.

i work as a network engineer and i am currently certified under CCIE R&S and JNCIE-SP programs.

unix user since 1994. part time unix sysadmin, security consultant, tinkerer and amateur stargazer.

got and gone

a list of hints/resources that one might find interesting:
what i use
  • a nice tool named sysdig. the authors describe it as "strace + tcpdump + lsof + awesome sauce."
  • my list of looking glasses and route-servers (routers with vty access) -- i'm no longer trying to keep this list up to date.
  • toys that help you build other toys: Raspberry PI, MSP430 and Energia
i'll get back with more stuff soon.

personal feelings
other feelings

this section used to be a guestbook and the reason why this page is so sparse and unpolished is that it was written with download speed in mind at that time (1996).

the images have about 10KB, this php file has 3KB and overall i have less than 30KB in this page. that meant less than 30 seconds on a 14.4Kbps modem and everything under half a minute i (still) consider resonable.

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